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The main goal of The Cutting Edge is to bring fencing to youth via during-school  and after-school programs.

Balance of Power: "Into The Lion's Den"
"Balance of Power" characters
are your favorite?

(see footage or performances)

Dark Master Darth Necrolosis
Light Master Greytale Novastar
Light Knight Sariss Y'Aislyeen
Light Padawan Cael Nordiun
Dark Cultist Thana Tos
Dark Count Toxac Miasmidor
Light Guardian Valaris Skyblade
Light Consular Terek Halcyon
Dark Renegade Maelscarm Dais
Dark Apprentice Sihdaestra Tyranius

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"Time reveals truth.  And since distance creates time, it is only with this that you can ever know the truth."
-- Novastar

"Winning isn't a some time thing--it's an all time thing."
-- Vince Lombardi

"Those who fear to try know not their limits, and thus--know not themselves."

"Parry as late as you dare."
-- Bruce Lee

"No different!  Same!  Only different in your mind!"
"Jedi Master Yoda"

"If you are afraid to be struck, you will be struck.  If you are afraid to hit, you will be hit.  If you wait to 'see' the moment to attack, you will be attacked.  You must feel when the door is open, and no more."
--Master R. Chu

"When the moment comes--'I' do not hit.  It hits all by itself."
-- Bruce Lee

"Knowing is not enough, we must apply... Willing is not enough, we must do."
 -- Bruce Lee

"Do.  Or do not.  There is no 'try'..."
-- "Jedi Master Yoda"

"The highest art is no art.  The best form is no form."
-- Bruce Lee
Fencing, footwork, learning, classes and lessons at THE CUTTING EDGE!
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The Cutting Edge and this website is being discontinued.

In the future for any requests, lessons, classes, events, demos and more, please visit:


The Sword is Alive... in competition, in friendship, and in children's smiles!

Awaken and nourish the athlete within!  The art of the sword provides exercise for both body and mind, utilizing a wealth of tactics, tempo change, technique, passion and conviction.  Learn the lightning quick sport of sabre fencing...

Join The Cutting Edge today!!

  • ALL FENCING GEAR provided
  • 10 Hours of fencing! -- 75 min. / mtg.
  • TWO MONTH LONG classes!!
  • 600 minutes of work with instructors!
  • Private lessons available upon request
  • Electrical fencing available (see instructor)
For more video examples of fencing actions, visit us on YouTube:

For more information on "Light Saber" Combat:

If you enjoyed episodes I & II of Balance of Power... please donate a small amount to show your support!

Balance of Power is entirely funded out-of-pocket, and makes no profit whatsoever.  Even small donations of $1, $5, and $10 help in a great way.  These donations can help pay for LEDs that go into the saber props, sound & light drivers that run the sabers, costumes, repairs, setpieces, and rehearsal facilty rent!

Episode III will be delayed until an undetermined time.  If you're interested in working with the BOP team, contact me via e-mail, Y-tube, or phone.

To see more videos regarding LED Sabers and events regarding The Cutting Edge, visit:


Thanks for your support!

BALANCE OF POWER, Episode I: "Into The Lion's Den"

A jedi master and his team of four travel to a remote location, in search of a dark master, in his own lair, on his own terms.  As fate would have it, they are walking into a trap, as the dark master has forseen their arrival and prepared for all five—their untimely doom.  As events unfold, Jedi face Sith one on one, two on three, and sometimes five on one.  But all clash in the end, as a physical and mental struggle for balance of power continues…

BALANCE OF POWER, Episode II: "Ashes of The Phoenix"

A jedi master, his daughter, and his now well-experienced student execute a mission of stealth, finding their way aboard the enemy ship “The Phoenix”.  Attempting to both gather information and to install a type of computer-virus inside the ship’s systems, they are discovered by the Phoenix’s crew.  This leads to a series of events and heroic battles the master and student never expected, as the fate of The Phoenix is determined by luck, skill… and a dark master’s guile and guise!

BALANCE OF POWER, Episode III: "A Force Undying"

Former assistant to a jedi master, a recently promoted master helps to train the young heroes of tomorrow.  The academy is rich with tools and droids in order to help promising children to learn.  But, within one student, a darkness haunts the depths of the child’s soul, and her teachers grow worried.  A dark jedi pays an uninvited “visit”, claiming diplomacy as a motive.  In the final hour, a darkness that is hardly to be believed awaits this jedi academy.  The fate of many battlers—both good and evil—are weighed upon the scales of fortune, as “Balance of Power” reaches its horrifying conclusion!

DISCLAIMER: No affliation with Lucasarts, Lucasfilm, LTD.  All performances are unpaid, and/or benefit shows for youth and the community.  All performers are volunteers.

Below are some images of the working prop sabres, along with design schematics.
These will give you an idea of how involved designing a "combat ready" sabre can be.
Months of preparation, design, repair, construction and work were needed, and our main designer (Joe Muniz of corbinscomponents.com) had no easy task.

Two of the lightsabers created for my project were direct conversions of the Master Replicas Force FX sabers, altered by myself to be Luxeon LED sabers.  They were very basic, but went together quickly and without much strife.  My "padawan" in the Balance of Power piece and friend Phillip Raupach (Cael Nordiun) greatly assisted in the creation of these sabers, along with my fencing student, Nitin Egbert.

Further, many repairs have been needed as the lightsabres have run into problems!  Mainly, Phil and myself took on the charge of adjusting, repairing, altering and tweaking problematic issues with each sabre!  It has been a learning experience for certain!

Light Master Greytale Novastar's Sabre -- "Flange"
An "Obi-Wan" style emitter...
Light Padawan Cael Nordiun's Sabre
Dark Cultist Thana Tos' Sabre
Click here
for a photo
Dual Saber (Valaris Skyblade) emitter variances...
Schematic of GN's sabre "Flange" Hardware innards to LP sabre...
Early Design by Director

The Cutting Edge -- Parks & Recreation Classes

11:00 AM - 12:15 PM
Intermediate Fencing
12:30 PM - 1:15 PM
Basic Saber

Fencing Birthday Parties!
Learn to Fence Sabre!
The Cutting Edge is now offering quality sabre fencing gear at rock-bottom prices!!

Standard Fencing Jacket -- $50 Standard Fencing Glove -- $15
Complete Electric Sabre -- $60
Electric Sabre Mask -- $75
Electric Sabre Jacket -- $90
Electric Sabre Overglove -- $25
Sabre Mask / Lead Clip -- $8
Body Cord -- $10

Students who purchase their own complete electrical set will have consistent use of the reels and lighted scoring equipment during bouting.  Elecrical gear is also required to participate in any USFA sanctioned tournament, along with knickers, long socks and appropriate footwear.

Other itemsExtra Sabre Blade -- $12,  Rolling Equipment Bag -- $90

Learn to Fence Sabre!

Sign up for your first one-on-one private lesson, get one FREE!

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Enrich your life, add some agility... Sabre fence!
  Students who participate in programs designed by The Cutting Edge will learn about fencing history, terminology, the three weapons and their corresponding target areas, footwork and body positions, timing and athletics, equipment specifics and usage, work on drills together, participate in fencing actions and precise footwork--all the while getting a great workout... and sabre fence in full gear!

  I welcome you to browse this site--using the links to the left--and learn more about fencing, whether you are a student, parent, or school program leader.  One of my main goals as an instructor is to broaden this sport's horizons, and create fencing programs in schools that do not have them.  Fencing is a beautiful sport, and our youth deserve a chance to learn about it early on during their thirst for education in all walks of life!

  Thanks to coaches, parents, students, schools, masters, teachers, and communities that are adamant about the arts--the sword's edge will never dull, nor will the fire of the forge in which it was born ever be extinguished!

--Matthew Carauddo (F.F.E. certified fencing instructor)

Exercise in the United States is at a
factual low!  What will you do about it right now in order to ensure you and your family stays healthy--for life?

  The CDC (Center for Disease Control & Prevention) displays a fact sheet that is unnerving about the leading causes of death in the United States today.  Lack of physical activity is 2nd on the list and accounts for a gigantic 15 to 16% of all deaths.  It is my opinion that youth should build good exercise habits early on!  If you are an adult--it is never too late to begin taking care of one of your most important sources of power... your physical BODY!

The Cutting Edge makes a brief cameo into the San Jose Mercury News!
(Friday, April 23rd, 2004).  Click here to read the article online...

Learn to Fence Sabre!

Special Offer on Private Lessons!
Sign up for your first one-on-one lesson, get one FREE!

A Private Lesson
Coach Matthew works with a sabre student

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